Thursday, February 21, 2008

article in the Indianapolis Star about the Tipton Poetry Journal

There is an article in today's Zionsville edition of the Indianapolis Star about the Tipton Poetry Journal:

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Thomas Alan Orr said...

Barry: Dan Carpenter pointed out the recent Star article to me and I just wanted to say again that I'm proud to have been associated with the Journal. I hope you will continue to lift up Indiana writers. As I have discussed with Jared Carter and others, we need to support and foster a distinctly Indiana idiom. That assumes we can agree on what it is, though I'd start with a reverence for land (even as our culture drifts toward post-agrarian values) and a love for direct, evocative language that is capable of expressing strong convictions without polemic. This sounds to me like a 2-beer conversation, at the very least! Best to you.